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Antminer S21 ASIC miner

The Efficiency-Adjusted ASIC Price: A New Way to Measure ASIC Miner Value

Introducing the Efficiency-Adjusted ASIC Price metric, a new method for evaluating ASIC miner prices.

Ethan Vera
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ASIC Market

Maximizing hashrate utilization rate with the Luxor firmware

This article explains how bitcoin miners can maximize hashrate utilization rate and revenue by utilizing LuxOS’ Advanced Thermal Management function.

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Luxor Firmware

How hedging strategies can help Bitcoin miners lower their cost of capital

Bitcoin miners can hedge their cash flow risks and lower their capital costs with mining derivatives.

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Hashrate Index Newsletter
All-time percentage changes for Bitcoin's mining difficulty

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Forecasting 101: Report

We've devised a new method for forecasting mining difficulty. Learn more in our latest report.

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Hashrate Index Newsletter

2022’s Top Investment Bankers in Bitcoin Mining

With the wave of Bitcoin mining companies going public and a heavy lean to institutional capital, a series of Investment Bankers have planted their flags as the go-to deal men for companies trying to raise capital and do M&A. A handful of boutique investment banks, pushed their advantage of

Balmy Investor Ethan Vera
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Bitcoin mining facility in the Canadian Rockies | Imagine generated via Mid Journey

Bitcoin Mining in Canada: 2022 Recap and Looking Ahead to 2023

2022 was a disappointing year for Bitcoin mining in Canada. Can the industry overcome political and economic headwinds in 2023?

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Bitcoin miners and bitcoin mining upgrades

A Bitcoin Miner's Guide to Bitcoin Upgrades

Bitcoin miners--not just mining pools--need more insight into Bitcoin upgrades. Luxor is devising a playbook to give it to them.

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Colin Harper / Ethan Vera
Canadian bitcoin mining

Bitcoin Mining in Canada: 2021 Recap and Predictions for 2022

2021 was a strong year for Bitcoin mining in Canada, and the country is well positioned to be a top mining destination in the years to come.

Ethan Vera
Ethan Vera
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