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How to Increase Bitcoin Mining Production with Hashrate Forwards and Futures

Bitcoin miners can buy Hashrate Futures and Forwards to simulate Bitcoin production, or sell them to secure up-front capital.

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Bitcoin Mining Concepts

Does the Hashrate Forward Curve Predict Future Hashprice?

Luxor's Hashrate Forward marketplace provides future expectations for hashprice, but how accurate are they?

Colin Harper
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Bitcoin Mining Concepts
2024 bitcoin halving

2024 Bitcoin Halving Predictions and Implications

How much will the Fourth Bitcoin Halving shake up the Bitcoin mining sector? We explore the implications in our latest report.

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Bitcoin mining in Canada 2023

Bitcoin Mining in Canada: 2023 Recap and Looking Ahead to 2024

Bitcoin miners in Canada faced policy challenges in 2023, but they also adapted to this adversity.

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Bitcoin Mining Concepts
Antminer S21 ASIC miner

The Efficiency-Adjusted ASIC Price: A New Way to Measure ASIC Miner Value

Introducing the Efficiency-Adjusted ASIC Price metric, a new method for evaluating ASIC miner prices.

Ethan Vera
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ASIC Market
Bitcoin transaction fee forecasting Image generated via Midjourney

New Methods for Forecasting Bitcoin Transaction Fees

In this report, the Luxor Team introduces new methods for forecasting Bitcoin transaction fees.

Hamza Ali
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How hedging strategies can help Bitcoin miners lower their cost of capital

Bitcoin miners can hedge their cash flow risks and lower their capital costs with mining derivatives.

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All-time percentage changes for Bitcoin's mining difficulty

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Forecasting 101: Report

We've devised a new method for forecasting mining difficulty. Learn more in our latest report.

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