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New Methods for Forecasting Bitcoin Transaction Fees

In this report, the Luxor Team introduces new methods for forecasting Bitcoin transaction fees.

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How hedging strategies can help Bitcoin miners lower their cost of capital

Bitcoin miners can hedge their cash flow risks and lower their capital costs with mining derivatives.

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All-time percentage changes for Bitcoin's mining difficulty

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Forecasting 101: Report

We've devised a new method for forecasting mining difficulty. Learn more in our latest report.

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Hashrate Index Q1-2023 Report: From Ramen to Ribeye (or at Least a Decent Sirloin)

Q1-2023 delivered many welcomed surprises to Bitcoin miners.

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Bitcoin mining facility in the Canadian Rockies | Imagine generated via Mid Journey

Bitcoin Mining in Canada: 2022 Recap and Looking Ahead to 2023

2022 was a disappointing year for Bitcoin mining in Canada. Can the industry overcome political and economic headwinds in 2023?

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