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Director of Business Development, ASIC Trading

Luxor’s 2023 Year in Review: All Markets are for Building

We had a blockbuster 2023 at Luxor, and we're gearing up for an even better 2024.

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Luxor Freight Solutions Luxor Logistics

Luxor Freight Solutions Q&A and Case Studies

We sat down with Luxor's Vince Vandersluis to learn how Luxor Freight solutions is helping miners clear logistics hurdles.

Lauren Lin
Lauren Lin
ASIC Market

A Look Inside an Immersion and Hydro Cooled Bitcoin Mine

Ever wondered what an immersion or hydro cooling Bitcoin mine looks like? Take a look.

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Lauren Lin / Collin Kelly
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Shipments of Antminer S19 and Whatminer M30 model Bitcoin mining ASICs waiting to be unpacked

Luxor RFQ May Insights: What goes up must come down

After a wild May, we expect Bitcoin mining ASIC prices to decline for the rest of the quarter.

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Gian Mendoza / Lauren Lin
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Bitcoin mining ASICs in a Bitcoin mine in South America | Source: Luxor

The Bitcoin ASIC market is (mostly) recovering: Luxor RFQ April Insights

New-gen rigs are rising, but Antminer S19 XP prices have fallen 42% year-to-date.

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Freshly-unpacked Antminer S19j Pros

Buying and Selling Bitcoin Mining ASICs and Automating Trade With RFQ

A 101 for buying and selling Bitcoin mining ASICs and how an RFQ marketplace can automate the process.

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Why Should Bitcoin Miners Care About SPACs?

What are Bitcoin mining SPACs and how will they affect the bitcoin mining industry?

Lauren Lin
Lauren Lin
Bitcoin Mining Concepts

How to Invest in Bitcoin Mining in 2023

Want to learn how to start mining bitcoin? Here are some ways to gain exposure to bitcoin mining.

Lauren Lin
Lauren Lin
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