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Gain an Edge with Embeddable Widgets

Give your readers and website visitors clear insights into the Bitcoin mining market with Hashrate Index's embeddable widgets for showcasing Bitcoin Hashrate, Hashprice, and Network Data.

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Install in Three Easy Steps

Add Style Tag

Inside the head tag of your document, include the following stylesheet link tag

Add Script Tag

Before the closing body tag, include the following script tag

<script src="https://widget-hi.b-cdn.net/assets/index.js"></script>
Choose Widget Type

Choose from our Bitcoin Network Hashprice, Hashrate, or Data widgets!

<!-- If you want to display KPI widget -->
<div class="luxor-hi-widget" data-widget="kpi"></div>
<div class="luxor-hi-widget" data-widget="kpi-dark"></div>
<!-- If you want to display Hashprice widget -->
<div class="luxor-hi-widget" data-widget="hashprice"></div>
<div class="luxor-hi-widget" data-widget="hashprice-dark"></div>
<!-- If you want to display Network Hashrate widget -->
<div class="luxor-hi-widget" data-widget="network-hashrate"></div>
<div class="luxor-hi-widget" data-widget="network-hashrate-dark"></div>

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