Collin Kelly

Collin Kelly is a business development associate for Luxor's ASIC Trading Desk.

ASIC miner buy-side demand from Luxor's RFQ platform in August, 2023 | Source: Luxor RFQ

Luxor RFQ August 2023 Insights: S19 XP Is Top Dog; Used ASIC Miners Fall

As miners prepare for the 2024 Bitcoin Halving, the S19 XP is taking priority while prices for new ASIC miners continue to decline.

Collin Kelly
Collin Kelly
ASIC Market

A Look Inside an Immersion and Hydro Cooled Bitcoin Mine

Ever wondered what an immersion or hydro cooling Bitcoin mine looks like? Take a look.

Lauren Lin Collin Kelly
Lauren Lin / Collin Kelly
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Luxor RFQ June 2023 Insights: Next-Gen Premiums Rise, S19j XP Emerges

Prices for older rigs like the S19j are falling as newly announced rigs like the S19j XP come to market.

Gian Mendoza Collin Kelly
Gian Mendoza / Collin Kelly
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