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Business Development Associate | Luxor ASIC Trading Desk

Racks of Bitcoin mining ASICs in a Bitcoin mine in the southeastern US

Luxor RFQ July 2023 Insights: Rigs Are on the Cheap - Especially Used Ones

Buying slowed in July, and used bitcoin mining ASICs sold for bargain-bin prices.

Gian Mendoza
Gian Mendoza
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Luxor RFQ June 2023 Insights: Next-Gen Premiums Rise, S19j XP Emerges

Prices for older rigs like the S19j are falling as newly announced rigs like the S19j XP come to market.

Gian Mendoza Collin Kelly
Gian Mendoza / Collin Kelly
ASIC Market
Shipments of Antminer S19 and Whatminer M30 model Bitcoin mining ASICs waiting to be unpacked

Luxor RFQ May Insights: What goes up must come down

After a wild May, we expect Bitcoin mining ASIC prices to decline for the rest of the quarter.

Gian Mendoza Lauren Lin
Gian Mendoza / Lauren Lin
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Bitcoin mining ASICs in a Bitcoin mine in South America | Source: Luxor

The Bitcoin ASIC market is (mostly) recovering: Luxor RFQ April Insights

New-gen rigs are rising, but Antminer S19 XP prices have fallen 42% year-to-date.

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