Introducing Hashrate Index Premium

Hashrate Index Premium will deliver exclusive research and private data to subscribers.

Hashrate Index
Hashrate Index

Since we launched Hashrate Index in 2020, we've provided data-driven analytics, research, and insights for the Bitcoin mining sector. We started with our Hashprice Index, the foundation of Hashrate Index, and continued to build our datasets from there.

Hashrate Index has seen many evolutions over the past 3 years, and it's about to undergo yet another change.

Introducing Hashrate Index Premium: a subscription service that provides subscribers with premium data and quarterly reports. This includes three tiers with varying levels of access and content:

  1. Hashrate Index Silver: Includes a premium version of our quarterly reports, bi-annual reports on Bitcoin mining stocks, and an API key for all of Hashrate Index's data sets, including hashprice, ASIC prices, energy consumption index, network data, and more.
  2. Hashrate Index Gold: Includes everything in the Silver tier and quarterly projection reports for hashprice, difficulty, and hashrate. These reports include the model outputs in EXCEL or CSV format.
  3. Hashrate Index Platinum: Includes everything in the Silver and Gold tiers plus weekly ASIC Price Index clearing price data and an API key for the 15 second hashprice settlement rate Luxor's Derivatives Desk uses for its Hashprice NDF contracts.

If you're interested in Hashrate Index Premium, please click this link to sign up and view subscription options:

Don't worry! We'll still provide all of the usual Hashrate Index data, analysis, and research for free! This includes all the data that lives on Hashrate Index currently as well as our weekly newsletters and quarterly reports.

But we also want to open up a premium subscriptions for private datasets from Luxor's business data and Hashrate Index's back-end, as well as expanded research reports on a quarterly basis.

To start, we will offer the three premium tiers outlined above but may expand options in the future.

You can subscribe by signing up via the link below:

Once you subscribe, you will be redirected to our paywalled Hashrate Index pages that contains the premium content you subscribed to.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at [email protected].

Happy Hashing!

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