Hashrate Index Q1 2022 report
Hashrate Index Q1 2022 report

Hashrate Index Q1 2022 Report: The Next Era of Bitcoin Mining is Here

Hashprice and ASIC prices fell over the quarter, but (thankfully) hashrate isn't growing as quickly as it could. We cover all of this (and more) in our Q1 report.

Colin Harper
Colin Harper

Well, it took us until the last week of April (thanks to the glorious interruptions of the Digital Wildcatters and Bitcoin 2022 conferences), but Hashrate Index's Q1, 2022 report on the  Bitcoin mining industry is out.

The report covers current hashprice economics, the state of the rapidly-changing ASIC bitcoin miner market, and market data on the leading Bitcoin mining stocks. You can download the report below.

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2021 was perhaps the most significant year for Bitcoin mining since the advent of ASIC bitcoin mining in 2013. 2022 will be another paradigm defining year, as well, as the center of gravity of the mining universe continues its shift to North America.

Stay tuned for our Q2 report in July (which will be a little more timely than this one...), and as always, Happy Hashing!

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