Luxor Technologies Partners With CoinTracking for Automated Tax Reporting

We've partnered with CoinTracking to offer our miners automated tax reporting. Use our referral for 10% off CoinTracking's services!

Colin Harper
Colin Harper

Luxor Technologies, a full-stack Bitcoin mining pool and data analytics firm, has partnered with CoinTracking to offer our miners automated tax reporting.

Luxor miners can now download a CSV file from their dashboard with their payouts and plug this file into the tax service; will take care of the rest! The service also plan on integrating Luxor's API in the future, so Luxor users will be able to log onto CoinTracking, link their accounts, and have their payouts automatically pulled from their Luxor dashboards for accounting.

CoinTracking provides tax reporting services for the U.S. in addition to over 100 other countries.

“We are happy to welcome Luxor to our growing network of crypto software providers. Luxor Technologies offers valuable infrastructure to support the fast-growing mining sector, sharing CoinTracking's vision of developing new and helpful solutions for individuals and businesses alike. We believe this partnership will help Luxor improve user experience and service quality by ensuring seamless mining revenue tracking and tax filing facilitation to their users," CoinTracking Founder & CEO Dariusz Kachel said.

Per the partnership, Luxor Miners can sign up with our referral code to receive 10% off a CoinTracking subscription. Additionally, CoinTracking users can sign up for Luxor's mining pools using CoinTracking's referral link (found on its Partner Benefits' page) to receive 10% off pool fees.

"We have been listening to our miners complain about the ever-increasing regulatory burden cryptocurrency miners face and we wanted to make their lives a tad easier. That's why we are excited to work alongside CoinTracking to provide a much-needed tax product to miners. Now miners will be able to easily connect their Luxor and CoinTracking accounts to automate all of their tax reporting," Luxor Chief Product Officer, Guzman Pintos, said.

We’re pleased to bring this feature to our mining community to simplify the taxation process for all!

About Luxor

Luxor Technologies is a full-stack software firm, cryptocurrency mining pool, and data analytics provider which is on a mission to financialize hashrate.  Our Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining pools offer novel products like Catalyst, which allows miners to mine altcoins while receiving payment in bitcoin, and Switch, our proprietary profit-switching tool to maximize rewards for miners mining Equihash coins. Our Hashrate Index also features proprietary data indices for Bitcoin mining metrics, such as a miner profitability index, an ASIC pricing index, and more.

To learn more about Luxor Technologies’ mining pool, our other software, and our proprietary data indices, please visit our pool website, our primary site, and Hashrate Index.

About CoinTracking

CoinTracking was founded in 2012 and went online in April 2013 as the world's first cryptocurrency tax reporting tool and portfolio manager. The company was started with the goal of making cryptocurrency traders’ lives easier - not only during tax season.

Since its inception, CoinTracking has accumulated over 943,000 users with $24.7 billion total worth of tax portfolios. Its worldwide professional network consists of more than 160 tax advisors and tax lawyers to assist with international tax filing.

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