hashrate index 2021 year-end report

Hashrate Index 2021 Year-End Report: The Year of the Great Hashrate Migration

In Hashrate Index's 2021 report, we cover changes to the ASIC market, trends in hashprice, crypto mining stocks, and more.

Colin Harper
Colin Harper

We’re thrilled to finally share our 2021 year-end report, a 50+ page review of what will likely be remembered as one of the most pivotal years for both Bitcoin and its rapidly-growing mining industry.

The report is packed with data and analysis on hashprice, network metrics, rig prices, mining pools, and other industry trends. Some of the data we present is public on Hashrate Index, but plenty more still comes from proprietary Luxor business information and datasets that we have yet to release to the public.

You can download the report below, and please feel free to share if you find it useful!

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