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Hashrate Index provides metrics, analysis, and research that demystify the Bitcoin network and Bitcoin mining industry.

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Explore the most popular indices that Hashrate Index offers:

  • Bitcoin Hashprice Index

    Hashprice Index

    Hashprice quantifies the expected USD and BTC rewards a Bitcoin miner can earn from a petahash or terahash of Bitcoin hashrate.

  • Bitcoin ASIC Price Index

    ASIC Index Data

    The Bitcoin ASIC Price Index tracks the price of Bitcoin miners in the ASIC market according to three efficiency tiers. ASIC prices are updated weekly.

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Our Bitcoin Mining Pools page displays the latest blocks and the total hashrate of known Bitcoin mining pools.

Luxor 🇺🇸


12.5 EH/s
Payout Method
Blocks Mined
Avg. Tx Fees Per Block
Tx Fees Block Reward
20.1881 %
Last Block

Bitcoin Mining Stocks

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Keep track of price movements, hashrate, and financial metrics for Bitcoin mining stocks.

  • Riot Blockchain, Inc.




  • Hut 8 Mining Corp.




  • Bitfarms Ltd.




Data On Popular Bitcoin Mining Stocks

Bitcoin Mining Stocks page lists of all of the publicly listed Bitcoin miners and includes key statistics like Bitcoin mining stock prices, marketcaps, hashrate, trading volume, and more.

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Bitcoin Mining Calculator

You can use our Bitcoin mining calculator to measure and estimate how profitable your mining operation will be. You can see how much Bitcoin your mining rig will generate per year and the profit after paying off your electricity bill.

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Bitcoin Hashrate Converter

You can use our Bitcoin mining hashpower converter to change from terahash (TH per second) to petahash (PH per second) and more. You can also view the Bitcoin network’s total estimated hashrate and the total daily revenue of Bitcoin mining.

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Embeddable Bitcoin Mining Widgets

Give your readers and website visitors clear insights into the Bitcoin mining market with Hashrate Index's embeddable widgets for showcasing Bitcoin Hashrate, Hashprice, and Network Data.

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